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What we do?
16 Sep, 2018
Why us instead of Aliexpress
15 Sep, 2018
How to import products from Aliexpress?
18 Oct, 2018

Fill the Aliexpress product URL and click submit.

After that, the product you have imported will appear in“Under Review”.
Why imported products need to be reviewed?
1.We need to confirm that we can find the supplier of the product and stock it for you.
2.We will confirm that the source of the product meets our quality requirements.
3.We need to change the product price that will be lower than Aliexpress.
4.Our product manager will improve the product description like removing unnecessary content or image from the description before you can import it.
(The review process will be done in 24 hours.)

When the review process is done. the product will appear in “Updated Product”.
You can click on the product and go the the product page. You can add the product to your Import List by then.
It looks bit complicated but it`s a necessary step to make sure the product you are selling will not out of stock, also with good quality and cheaper than Aliexpress.

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