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What we do?
16 Sep, 2018
Why us instead of Aliexpress
15 Sep, 2018
Why us instead of Aliexpress
17 Sep, 2018

Will it be great to have just one drop shipping partner? Your valuable time should focus on marketing instead of managing many suppliers.
We have to commit that Aliexpres has millions of products with cheap price, this is a good option for beginners. But Aliexpress also has nearly one million sellers which means heavy competition, on top of that, you will find one item with so many different prices, because of different quality and different shipping methods. That would be really difficult to find a reliable supplier from Aliexpress.
Few main disadvantages you should know about;
a. When your store has over 2 suppliers, your customers may receive different packages when they placed one order;
b. Aliexpress will charge 8% from sellers;
c. No control of product quality and inventory;

Why us?
a. Dealing with one supplier instead of manage many;
b. All packages are shipped from Eprolo warehouse;
c. Quality control with fast shipping;
d. Manufacture supply, no fees, free sourcing, professional team support;
e. Enables your business to offer outstanding service to customers

We specialise in DROPSHIPPING and PRODUCT SOURCING. We will take care of all your daily orders and ship them directly to your customers! Start or grow your ecommerce store right now with EPROLO!
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