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What we do?
16 Sep, 2018
Why us instead of Aliexpress
15 Sep, 2018
Customize Branding
17 Sep, 2018

Branding is not a logo, branding is mixed with emotion and engagement and expectation.
Using drop shipping is totally impossible to build a brand and its really difficult to retain your customers for secondly buying. Because very little capital is required to start a drop shipping business, that low barrier to entry means a lot of competition, that also means marketing fees is higher and higher. Here are what we can do for you to improve it;

a. Customize logo on the tape and box;
b. Customize logo or advertising slogan stickers that put on the package;
c. Product video shooting and photographing;
d. Manufacture your own product with logo when you have stable sales;
e. Professional product sourcing to help you find unique products to avoid heavy competition

We specialise in DROPSHIPPING and PRODUCT SOURCING. We will take care of all your daily orders and ship them directly to your customers! Start or grow your ecommerce store right now with EPROLO!
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