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What we do?
16 Sep, 2018
Why us instead of Aliexpress
15 Sep, 2018
How to process and fulfill an order
17 Sep, 2018

When you have made a sale, follow these steps:
1. Go to the Orders page in our App

2. Find the order you need to fulfill and have it shipped.

3.Select the order and click the Paypal button to pay for the order.
We can only accept Paypal and Credit Card payment.
(Note: We will choose the best shipping method for you)

4.When you have finished the payment, we will process the order in 24-48 hours and ship it to your customer.And the order status will be marked as shipped with a tracking number.
(The tracking number will also automatically fulfill the order on your Shopify store)
Note: The tracking number will be trackable online in 24-48 hours

We specialise in DROPSHIPPING and PRODUCT SOURCING. We will take care of all your daily orders and ship them directly to your customers! Start or grow your ecommerce store right now with EPROLO!
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