How to reconnect a product link when failed in placing an AliExpress order?

by  | Apr 13, 2022

1. Error report of failed AliExpress order and shows “Inventory Hold Error” or “Error When Build For Place Order”.

Please click the “Mapping” button as the picture shown below to check reasons.

Reason 1: The product link has been removed from AliExpress.

Reason 2: The product is out of stock on AliExpress.

2. How to fix the problem?

There are two solutions: 1. use EPROLO to fulfill AliExpress orders; 2. Find another link of the same product on AliExpress and reconnect the product link.

Solution 1: Use EPROLO to fulfill order

After EPROLO quotes the product, you can click the “Shipping Cost” to compare prices. Then click “Fulfill at EPROLO”. You will find the AliExpress order in “Eprolo Orders”. When you complete the payment, EPROLO will fulfill the order for you.

What if you don’t want the product fulfilled by EPROLO, just find the item in “My Products”. Then click “Move product to Ali” on the product details page to reprocess the order on AliExpress.

Solution 2: Find another link of the same product on AliExpress

First, you need to search for the same product on AliExpress. Next, change the Alternate Product URL into the new one and click “Set”.

Second, you need to set the corresponding product SKU that want to fulfill. (You need to set the SKU details as shown in the red box below.)

Finally, click “Save” and place the order again.