How to connect your eBay store with EPROLO?

by  | Dec 13, 2021

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In this article, we will show you how to connect your eBay store with EPROLO.

1. First login with your EPROLO account. Then click the “Connect New Store” button at the top.

2. In the pop-up window, click “eBay” to jump to the connection page.

3. On the connection page, you need to confirm the EPROLO account that uses to connect with your eBay store. We recommend you use the current account. Then click “Connect now.”

If you want to change another EPROLO account for connection, you can follow the instructions below.

4. After clicking ” Connect now “, the page will jump to eBay and you need to log into your eBay store. Please login or register eBay store according to the page.

If you have logged into your eBay store in the browser, this step will be skipped and go to the next step directly.

5. After successfully logging into eBay, you will jump to the authorization page. Click the “I Agree” button to complete the authorization. And the page will jump to EPROLO again.

6. After jumping back to EPROLO, You can see that your eBay store has been connected with EPROLO at the top. Then you can push products to eBay Stores and do other operations.

This is the guide for how to connect eBay Stores with EPROLO. Hope it helps.

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