What is E-Coin and how to get/use it?

by  | Nov 5, 2020

What is E-Coin?

E-Coin is a “currency” that you can use to exchange many different features on EPROLO.

How to get E-Coin?

1. You can earn the E-Coin by completing the tasks from the reward system.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

2. You can also buy E-Coin directly from the Reward System page.

EPROLO dropshipping platform

How to use the E-Coin?

EPROLO dropshipping platform

When your account reaches the limitation number of import products or product sourcing.

You can use E-Coin to exchange the number of Import Products & Product Sourcing from the “Exchange Page”.

You can also use the E-Coin to exchange account balance. (Tips: Account Balance can be used to pay for orders)

Find more detail from below page: https://app.eprolo.com/mshopsetup.htm?flag_int=10