What to do when failed to process the payment via Paypal?

by  | Nov 5, 2020

Why Paypal rejects your Payment?

The main reason is every payment you made has a different shipping address and PayPal may reject the payment due to its risk control policy.

What to do when Paypal rejected your payment?

1. Try to process the payment a few more times since the risk control is managed by the AI.

2. Process the payment via Credit Card.

3. You can use E-Coin from the Reward System and exchange the E-Coin into balance;

$100 = 10000 E-Coin = $100 Balance. Balance can be used to pay for the orders.


4. We can accept money transfer: Bank Transfer; Paypal Transfer; Payoneer Transfer. We will exchange the transfer into your account balance and you will able to pay for the orders.