How to Customize My Products?

by  | Nov 27, 2020

You can customize products according to the following steps:
1. Sign up and log in EPROLO-POD. Click “Create Products” on the dashboard or click “Products Catalog” on the menu. You can log in with EPROLO account directly.
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2. Enter “Products Catalog” page, and you’ll find the product categories on the left and all items that can be customized on the right. You can choose the product you like and click it.
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3. Click the product, and you’ll enter the details page, where you can find the size, color and more introductions of the product. Click “Start designing” to customize your product now.
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4. Begin your designing on the pop-up windows. You can choose the color and size on “Color/Size”, customize your item by “Upload Picture” and “Add Text”, and adjust the size, rotate, align or delete it.
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Please upload your designs according to required size and DPI indicated on the custom panel to ensure the printing quality.

5. After designing, click the “Next” and your designs will be saved and uploaded. You can set or modify the product price and complete product details in “Editorial Product” page. (Prices and product descriptions can also be modified in your Shopify store)

Click “Save”, and your custom designed products will be saved in “My Products”, then you can import them into your store;

Click “Import to store” to push the product to your store and it will be saved in “My Products”.

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6. Go to “My Products” , it lists all products that you have finished designing.


If the product is not added into your store, you can click “Import to store” to add it, and click “Edit” to modify the product price and detailed description.

If the product has been added into your store, you can click “View in store”, jump to your store to view and modify. EPROLO-POD will sync all the changes.

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If your EPROLO POD account is not connected with the Shopify store, please connect them according to the page instruction.