How to fulfill TikTok orders with EPROLO?

by  | May 5, 2024

1. Install the "EPROLO" APP from the TikTok APP store, and you can start using EPROLO for dropshipping and Fulfillment Service for delivery.

2. Confirm the products and inventory you sell on TikTok

2.1 If you already have products and orders on TikTok, you can import them by entering the ORDER ID. EPROLO will provide a quotation, or you can contact your account manager for assistance with the quotation.

2.2 Choose the products from EPROLO:

You can select products for sale on the EPROLO product page.

2.3 Select and import AliExpress products for sale, click here to quickly import AliExpress products into the store.


3. Stock and logistics channels

Since TikTok officials are very strict in controlling the delivery time of orders, slow delivery of orders and long receipt time will even lead to the store being closed, so we highly recommend that you stock the products that need to be sold in advance (please contact your account manager for how to stock products).

Orders for stocked products will be shipped from the EPROLO warehouse within 24 hours!

3.1 TikTok stores in the UK

3.1.1 You can stock the goods at EPROLO's warehouse in China, and then choose "Yodel Express". The delivery time is 3-6 days. Compared to stocking up in the UK, the cost will be much cheaper.

3.1.2 Stock the goods in EPROLO's UK warehouse, and then choose "Yodel" or "Royal Mail". The delivery time is 1-3 days.

The cost of products with relatively light weight is higher; if it is a product with relatively heavy weight, the overall cost can be lower after being shipped to the UK warehouse by sea.

3.2 TikTok stores in the USA

3.2.1 For a small number of test orders in the early stage, you can stock the goods at EPROLO's China warehouse, and then choose the fastest channel to ship to the United States.

A. General products: Select "US Express Shipping". This channel is USPS tracking number. 95% of the receipt time is 6-9 days, while a few will exceed 9 days. Therefore, it is only recommended to ship a small number of test orders, and it is not recommended to ship large orders from China.

B. Electronic products: Select "US Express Shipping". This channel is USPS tracking number, 95% of the time for receipt is 7-11 days, and a few will exceed 11 days. It is not recommended to ship electronic products from China.

C. For other types of products, such as liquid-containing, pure electronic products, etc., the delivery time is generally 10-15 days, and it is not recommended to ship from China.

3.2.2 Stock in the US warehouse:

A. DHL (Shipment from US). The price is cheap and the delivery time is 3-6 days. Ships within 24 hours. There may be delays on weekends or holidays.

USPS delivery is relatively stable, but the price is also relatively expensive.

B. TikTok shipping operation fee. This channel is for TikTok SHIP orders to be shipped with a TikTok shipping label, and EPROLO will automatically obtain the TikTok shipping labels before shipping.

EPROLO only charges operating fees and does not charge logistics fees. This is TikTok’s logistics channel and will be relatively stable.

3.3 TikTok stores in other countries

Please contact your account manager.