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Shopify Dropshipping

If you want to build an online store and start your ecommerce business on Shopify, the first thing you need to do is looking for right suppliers. When you don’t have enough supply chain resources for high quality products, using the dropshipping business model will be your first choice. EPROLO is a platform with the best Shopify dropshipping apps, and it can meet almost all your needs.

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1. Build a dropshipping store

Nowadays, there are many ecommerce platforms, which help a lot to start a dropshipping business. People like Shopify because it has a reasonable price and supports custom design. If you want to start an online business with it, follow these steps.

Go to the Shopify online store builder, entering your email address and start free trial. Input the shop name and it will generate a default URL like Even you have no idea about it, don’t worry. There is a free tool in the Shopify app store – business name generator. Enter keywords; it will generate names for you to choose from. After that, you can select a theme on the Shopify theme store and make custom pages. Now, you can add products to start selling online.

If you have previous suppliers, you can source products from them. But not all of them can provide thousands of products and always offer trending products. And this is one of the benefits when you start a dropshipping business.

shopify dropshipping

2. Download EPROLO Shopify dropshipping app

EPROLO is a platform and works as the best free dropshipping suppliers. We have also developed a free Shopify dropshipping app. You can add it from Shopify app store and connect it with your dropshipping store. Click here to register an EPROLO account for free.

With over ten years of experience in ecommerce, we are confident to bring the dropshipping business model to a new level. EPROLO is not an app that connects dropshipping suppliers and online stores like oberlo marketplace, but a lifelong free platform that provides a one-stop solution. Our sourcing team find and purchase products. After quality control, we pack and ship them from our warehouse to the final customer and enable order tracking.

best shopify dropshipping apps

3. Upload products to your dropshipping store

There are millions of dropshipping products on our platform. Once add the Shopify dropshipping app, you can find products and upload them from EPROLO to your store with one click.

First of all, register or log in to your EPROLO account, go to the dashboard and find products to sell online. Every week, we update the latest high quality trending products for reference. You can also search them by keywords or check out the list of Top 100 Dropshipping Products. Then, add products that you want to the import list. If you’d like to rewrite the title and product descriptions, do now on EPROLO. Don’t forget to customize the profit margins and change the sales price. Then, push the dropshipping product directly to your store. It’s easy and convenient to upload even thousands of products in one day.

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4. Sell products on Shopify

Since EPROLO is responsible for the order fulfillment, the only thing you need to focus on is making as many sales as possible. There are eight available sales channels listed on Shopify official website. You can use Shopify to sell products in an online store, on social media, on other marketplaces, etc. By connecting each sales channel with Shopify, you can manage your products, customers, and orders tracking number.

The most basic is to start selling your custom products through the online store. With the help of Plug In SEO app, optimize title, product descriptions, heading and internal links to get better ranking. Also, marketing on social media of Facebook and Instagram is popular. Log in to your Shopify admin, add sales channels and choose custom products to sell online. Since users on social media get rising, posting ads is an excellent way to get more exposure. If you’d like to use other sales channels, contact the developer to get more customer support.

shopify dropshipping

5. Source products from EPROLO

When receiving orders from customers, it’s time to purchase from dropship suppliers. By adding EPROLO best Shopify dropshipping apps and connecting your store with it, all orders are synced to the platform. Entering your email and password, log in to your EPROLO account and you can see all order details. Unlike other platforms and marketplaces, we don’t provide a 7-day free trial. You are always open to add and import our dropshipping product to your store. The only step you need to pay is placing orders with us. Select all dropshipping products you want to source from us, click the PayPal button to get them with wholesale price. If there are products you need in the warehouse, EPROLO will ship them after quality control. But if you import Aliexpress products and there is no stock, the sourcing team will find them immediately and deliver as soon as possible.

best dropshipping apps for shopify

6. Pack and ship the products from the EPROLO warehouse

When receiving your order, we arrange the package and ship the products to customers directly.

Customize packages to build independent brands

At the very beginning, you sell products on your dropshipping store and source products from dropship suppliers to fulfill orders. Your focus for this online business is nothing but sales. As the number of users grows, you may encounter a sale bottleneck if purchasing one kind of product from multiple dropship suppliers. Buying the same product but receiving different packaging will reduce the credibility of your store. Even worse, bad reviews will seriously hinder the sales of your eCommerce business. However, EPROLO dropshipping platform will be your loyal partner and help to build independent brands.

We have a warehouse in China, all products provided by us are at wholesale price. If the total sales on EPROLO reach $10000, you can freely customize stickers and scotch tape. And if sales get $20000, we offer free custom packing boxes according to your requirements. By the way, the print on demand online business is always ready. EPROLO POD dropshipping platform is available, you can select print on demand products and make custom design for them.

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Diverse shipping methods and orders track

Customers and orders of dropshipping stores always come from all over the world. How to ensure fast shipping times and low costs?

EPROLO ships the product by special lines for some countries, such as US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and EU countries. In general, the package can be delivered within 5-8 days. For other countries, we also provide various shipping methods. DHL, ePacket, and CNE are popular; you can check the shipping times and costs on the platform and choose the one to make delivery. After shipping, the order tracking number is available on both your Shopify store and EPROLO.

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