Will info of dropshipping suppliers be on the packages of products?

by  | Jan 3, 2022

As the question presents, it is a common concern of dropshippers around the world, because they all know customers will not be satisfied with the products that the third party ships to them. It will increase the return rate and bring bad reviews, which is nor beneficial for the development of the store.
Moreover, That the info of droshipping suppliers appears on the packages of products is bad for the branding building. Therefore, dropshippers will not cooperate with such dropshipping suppliers.

However, merchats can trust EPROLO. As a professional dropshipping suppliers who have been in the industry for 7 years, EPROLO takes prides in its perfect service.

Will info of dropshipping suppliers be on the packages of products shipped by EPROLO?

NO. After you make sales in your store, EPROLO platform will auto-sync the orders, and pick, pack and ship the products to your end customers. All the procudures are fulfilled under your brand.

What’s more, you can check the procedures of order fulfillment on EPROLO platform in real-time. EPROLO guarantees that your order will be fulfilled in time.

Will info of dropshipping suppliers be on the invoice, shipping label, etc.?

Besides packaging, the invoice, shipping labels, inserts, etc. (if any) will not contain the information of dropshipping suppliers, neither.

All these only identify the sellers.

EPROLO take the interest of each seller seriously, and try our best to fulfill the orders. If you have any questions, feel free to contact your Account support Rep in the dashboard or send email at support@eprolo.com.